Manifesto Series 2013-2016

Toward Imperfection Primordial Future

Toward Imperfection. 2014 Low fired stoneware

primordial future 1

That’s Why The Lady Is a Punk, 2013, Low fired stoneware with pink slip

“Belinda Blignaut translates her interest in the formlessness and abjection of bubblegum ‘sculptures’ into a new series of misshapen ceramic vessels and slabs that are partially glazed with a corporeal pink and have embossed into them slogans and impressions. She states: ‘Discovering clay as a material has allowed me to bring a few thoughts together; the emphasis on the importance of process rather than product, a rawness, fragility, plasticity, immediacy, impermanence, materiality, transformation… These kinds of transformations, for me, speak of psychological adaptations and transformations, the impermanent that becomes permanent, remaining part of an adapting whole.’ ” – Blank Projects




20 page high fired stoneware artists’ book, Manifesto Series, 2014. Dimensions: 11x17cm. Length of book: 21cm. The book comes in a simple wooden box 23cm long, 19cm wide, 14cm high.

Above: Towards: Growing more middle fingers, page 14

Towards artists book

  1. TOWARDS (front)
  2. Imperfection
  3. Abstraction
  4. More feeling and less thinking
  5. The body as a way of knowing the world
  6. Intuition
  7. Process
  8. Disassembling and reassembling
  9. DIY
  10. Mistakes
  11. The long road
  12. Art that’s not business
  13. Not trying to be a great artist
  14. Growing more middle fingers
  15. Black flag days
  16. Art that doesn’t shock or entertain
  17. No superstars
  18. Egodeath
  19. The unmonumental
  20. Keeping on keepingTowards,-Primordial-Future-Series,-book-web