My studio

I opened my studio in 2013 when I discovered clay, fell in love with it, saw a new potential, and decided to pursue a dream (or bring my manifesto to life). This project would allow me to combine my passion for art making and my desire for social change, however small. I wanted art making to be useful to those who need it most.

I’ve worked with Livewell residents for three years now, three times a week. They have Alzheimers and dementia. I have many special needs children, adults, schools, organisations with all kinds of physical and psychological challenges. We have classes for the children from Patch Helderberg, a centre for sexually abused children, accompanied by their therapist. When circumstance allows, I give classes at Bizweni School for Disabled.

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A recent development at my studio was being selected to make this years BASA Awards (Business Arts South Africa) I got a team of unemployed, unskilled people to collaborate with me on a series of contemporary African ceramic pieces in September this year. Our work borrows from traditional and ancient African cultures and forms. We’re currently working on our first exhibition for December 2016.
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