Sound Residue 1994-2012 audio

Sound Residue, 1994 – Ongoing. Audio track of collected sounds of the making or showing of select works over 15 years. Above, shown at Michaelis Galleries, 2012: CD player, speakers, headphone, cd.

Listen here: SOUND RESIDUE 3.64 Meg Mp3

1. Gunshots through steel -various firearms were used (Anatomy Of A Shot, 1993) 2. Angle Grinder set off by a security beam when crossed by viewer (Erase Your Mistakes 1993) 3. Telephone answering machine in gallery/poster in street (8345223, 1995) 4. Sangoma Initiation ceremony: Documentation of participation in part of a ritual (1997) 5. Spitting liquid (Cinderella Is Pissed, 2010) 6. Blowing large gum bubble (Paradisiac, 2009 – 2011) 7. Blowing and bursting large gum bubble (Stealing The Words, 2010 – 2012)

Credit and big thanks: Mark van Niekerk for audio, technical and input.