Vex and Siolence 2010


Vex and Siolence (2010) is a collaboration between myself, Linda Stupart and Stuart Bird at Youngblackman, Cape Town. The work is visible through the shop-front windows from the street.

The walls are entirely unused. The floor is jackhammered, challenging as far as possible, the physical space. The physicality of the collaboration is translated into and through the space leaving behind a fragile bodyness through the broken floor combined with messy, sticky molten bubblegum. It’s viewed through a thin film of water trickling down the windows, resembling a wall of tears. It speaks of fluidity and adaptation, everyday life and most importantly the violence of consumption.

Denouncing packaging in an embrace of chance and a state of imperfection, the show hopes to encourage viewers to find their own interpretations, and to challenge how they consume art and what they value.